6 Bold Fashion And Beauty Tips

News| 20th June 2022
6 Bold Fashion And Beauty Tips
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This winter is your invitation to be a little bolder. From bright colours to edgy haircuts, here are 6 easy ways you can make more of statement with your fashion and beauty choices this season.

Step out in big boots

One fashionista who is all over what’s happening on the runways of the world is Sneza Jovanovic, the style icon behind Instagram account @mums_style_diary. While boots have always been a staple of winter wear, it’s the ‘cool’ factor of combat boots that have more and more men and women reaching for them. Spend-less Shoes have some great options.

You can stick with classic black or go more neutral with tonal colours like whites, creams and tan. Either way, Sneza guarantees that combat boots are going to be big this season.

Layer up with a sweater vest

While Fashion is fun and expressive, it can also be practical. If you love a sweater but feel a bit too hot under the collar, a sleeveless sweater is a great solution.They’ll keep you warm without being blunky. Perfect over a shirt or under a coat, this look is hard to beat.

Sweater vests are rising in popularity, with everyone from models to influences embracing this seasons latest fashion hit. To help you get ahead of this trend, Serafina and Sussan have some streamlined, classic options. If you prefer your outfits to be a bit more reflective of your personality, check out Surf Esteem

Embrace functional fashion

As far as men’s fashion staples go, a sturdy safari jacket will never go out of style. This season, designers have reinvented this classic piece of outerwear. As of 2022, safari jackets are even more comfortable, stylish and functional. From multi-pockets to a few large ones, loose and relaxed in the body to tight and form hugging, there is a jacket available to suit every preference.

As Sneza advises, mixing textures and colours can help you achieve a clean and polished look, while pairing your jacket with athletic wear or loungewear will produce a more casual, laidback style. Lowes stocks a range of colours and Sussan offers a slew of patterns. To find your perfect jacket, head in store and test your options.

Get adventurous with your French tips

A low-maintenance way to bring a daily pop of colour to your look is with a set of fresh nails. Visits to the Mani & Pedi and The Nail Bar Edwardstown are a luxury in themselves, but using them to elevate your approach to winter beauty is an added treat.

This season, we’re seeing French tips get their own makeover. Traditionally topped with a strip of white polish, the style been revamped with the introduction of bright colours. Be a little bold this winter and ask your nail artist for coloured French tips. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, ask to make them rainbow.

Bring your bangs back

That’s right; bangs are back, but not as you know them. The cooler weather has ushered in a new breed of modern bangs that pack a little more punch than the traditional fringe.

This season, as the humidity drops, expect to see more French fringes – thick, full and long, with a slight part in the middle. Similarly, Zooey Deschanel’s signature do – heavy bangs – is set to make a comeback. Thick in nature and sleek in appearance, this low-maintenance haircut is already being regularly requested at Just Cuts and Barber Boys. As are feathered bangs; a softer alternative that can be easily styled into the ever-popular curtain bangs.

It all starts with good skincare

The consensus is in – almost everyone in the fashion and beauty industry agree that good style begins with a solid skincare routine. Especially, if you’ve been skimping on it for a while.

Whether you’re after all natural products to help soothe your skin after shaving like Asap Soothing Gel or Ingrostopper Ingrown Hair Treatment or you’re looking for a more active treatment like Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub or Ego Azclear Action Soothing Gel, Castle Plaza offers it all. To smell as good as you look, round out your routine with products from Essential Beauty or Blooms the Chemist.

When it comes to seasonal ware, it can be fun to go bold in subtle ways. For more winter inspiration, head in store to browse the latest styles and speak to our fashion and beauty experts for yourself.

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