Give Your Home A Mini Makeover

News| 22nd September 2021
Give Your Home A Mini Makeover
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Spring isn’t just a time for cleaning – it’s also the season for breathing new life into old spaces to give them a whole new look and feel.

If you’re looking to switch things up at home, a little change can make a big difference. Embrace the energy that comes with a new season and read on for our top five ideas to freshen up your home in simple yet impactful ways.

Court new colours

Spring always calls for colour! From bright neons to pretty pastels – whatever your style – a piece of decor or two can instantly elevate an indoor or outdoor area (and your mood!).

One or two new hues will do. Start by adding a coloured glass vase (currently on trend in peony pink, olive green or sky blue), or two to three throw pillows from Target on your sofas to really revitalise the room.

Bring in a new statement piece

A beautiful piece of artwork is an easy way to make a room feel new. It can be as simple as switching the artwork within your home to different rooms to change things up, or adding new pieces that you’ve recently discovered.

Consider lighter and brighter artwork to really elevate the room and complement the other tones within the space. For a more personal touch, you could even mount your favourite travel photos or a piece of artwork you’ve created yourself. Once you’ve chosen your statement piece, find the perfect frame to hang it in .

Turn everyday objects into ornaments

A carefully styled home doesn’t have to mean extreme minimalism or banishing belongings to drawers, cabinets and cupboards! One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to liven a space, particularly a living area, is to turn everyday objects into curated arrangements on shelves and bookcases. An excess of magazines, books and other knick-knacks could look like clutter, but when styled they can create impactful decorative moments within the home.

Start by selecting three to five ‘hero’ pieces. You can find books, plants, vases and more home accessories at . Place the largest items on the shelf first. Then, add a stacked piles of books or magazines either vertically or horizontally next to it, and a potted plant or vase full of flowers for added colour and texture. Smaller items like figurines and other decorative accessories can be placed last in the areas where they fit or even resting on top of the books themselves.

Breezy new bedding

Changing up the colour palette and fabrics in your bedroom is an effective way of ushering in the warmer months with a sense of bright and breezy optimism. The key is to bring in softer colours that will ‘open’ your bedroom up and add an expansive feel.

Invest in natural coloured linen or cotton sheets, which will help keep you cool during spring and summer nights. Next, work on adding textured throws, pillow cases and cushions to add contrast and depth which will bring the space to life.

Create an outdoor oasis

Let’s not forget the importance of creating a welcoming outdoor space. An easy way to make it feel a bit more fun and festive is to add sleek new furniture for comfort and some lighting, for a pretty yet subtle glow.

To start, place a table in a slightly sheltered space. It can be a low-set coffee table surrounded by weather-proof pillows, or an outdoor setting complete with comfy cushions on the chairs. Next, add a little bit of illumination by hanging solar festoon lights around a pole, tree or verandah or through the additional of outdoor candles. Not only do they light up your space, but Target has a range of candle holders and table lanterns that are also perfect daytime styling items.

How will you add a touch of joy to your home this spring? Share your mini home makeovers with us online on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #JoysOfSpring. We’d love to see how you are revamping your home right now!

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