How To Gift Wrap Like A Pro

News| 13th November 2023
How To Gift Wrap Like A Pro
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First comes Christmas, then comes gifts! And let’s face it, shopping for presents takes time, money and careful consideration. But once you’ve found that perfect gift you want its wrapping to reflect your effort and care.

Now unfortunately, many of us tend to struggle at this last hurdle. So, here’s how to wrap your gift with a DIY bow handle – an easy way to level up your gift-wrapping game.

Before you start, here’s what you’ll need:

●      Wrapping paper

●      Scissors

●      Double-sided tape

●      Ribbon

●      Small card

●      Marker

●      Mini pegs

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Wrapping Box-Shaped Gifts


Step 1: Cut And Position The Paper

Make sure you have plenty of wrapping paper to fully cover your gift. Hint: You should have about 15 cm of excess paper on the top side of the gift to create your ribbon handle.

Step 2: Fold With Accuracy

Position your gift in the lower half of the wrapping paper. Fold one side over the gift and tape it in place. Fold the other side over, ensuring it overlaps the first fold slightly, and secure it with tape. Then crease your edges, ensure the gift is sitting snug and fold the bottom section.

Step 3: Create Your Bow Handle

Now take your top excess paper and place the ribbon flat across it. Again, just make sure you have enough material left over so you can tie a pretty bow at the end. Roll the paper over the width of the ribbon and repeat this process until you’ve arrived at the edge (or top) of your present. If you need to tape down the final fold to hold everything in place, do so.

Step 4: Complete The Look

Tie a loose bow to make your handle and trim any excess ribbon. Note, cut a nice triangle shape at the end of your ribbon edges for maximum effect! Then, add your personalised card by clipping it to the handle with a mini peg.

Inspect the gift to ensure everything looks neat and tidy. Make any adjustments as needed. Spray your gift with some scented mist spray for an extra touch of joy. 

And there you have it!

If you’re short on time and need a hand, you can experience our in-centre gift-wrapping service.

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