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22 Jul - 28 Jul
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Welcome to Serafina, where women’s fashion meets confidence. Since their humble beginnings in 2010 with their first Serafina store, they have evolved from a small accessory boutique into the women's fashion and accessories brand you see today.

In 2015, Serafina's visionary designers, Nola and Emily, took a leap, transforming the brand from an accessories-based store into a fashion-forward brand. Nola and Emily had a vision to create an everyday casual clothing line that worked for their needs, knowing that many women shared the same busy lifestyle and desire for comfort and style bundled together in the items in their wardrobe.

Soon after Michael, Nola's son and Emily's husband, joined the team to help expand its reach, by establishing a presence across 10 stores as well as a thriving online community, both domestically and internationally. This infusion of family values remains at the core of their business.

Today, Serafina's mission continues strong. With a dedicated team of over 40 staff members, they are committed to delivering confidence through fashion, catering to the lifestyles of the modern woman. Serafina takes pride in designing all their pieces right here in South Australia, an ode to their roots.

Serafina is proudly owned by Emily & Michael Siciliano. Their shared passion and unwavering commitment drive the Serafina brand forward. Join them on this remarkable journey as they inspire and embrace the confident spirit within every woman.