Senior's...Lets talk tech

12 May 2019


We have truly arrived into the digital age of instant information and convenience, transforming our lives for the better including our experience at Castle Plaza.

Many community members have embraced tech for its convenience, connection and safety.

If you love your device whether it be a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone the good news is they can all do the same things online. It all comes down to personal taste and how comfortable you are with a particular device.   

Let’s make the most of tech and social media.
Looking to dive into your first smartphone or Facebook account? Not to worry, it is normal for a first timer embracing smartphones and social media to experience a little information overload.

So on that note...We have partnered with Vodafone to host a Senior's Tech Workshop between 3-6 June designed to make your experience that much easier.

What can you expect from the Tech workshop? 

  • Introduction to smartphones
  • How to set up your device
  • Discovering new ways to communicate using your smartphone
  • Downloading apps for example Facebook
  • Tips to protect your device and online safety
  • These workshops are tailored for baby boomers and beyond

Social media will enhance your experience at Castle Plaza
Tech is used in every aspect of our lives and even in brick and mortar landmarks such as Castle Plaza. Retailers embrace social media which is great for customers who love to do their homework in an ever-trending fashion. 

For our community members who rely on bus transfers, taxis and bus timetables let alone the weather. You can make informed choices for a safe and convenient commute with real time updates.

Be sure to share our latest news and offers with your friends in the centre over coffee.

Further details will be available in the centre. Already online? You can follow Castle Plaza and your favourite retailers on Facebook.